Port Labels or Descriptions for web managed switches


It's a small thing but; being able to give an individual port on a web managed switch a label, or "description" in CLI parlance, would be helpful especially if/when Zyxel supports SNMPv1 or better. I use "descr" on my Arista and Nortel/Avaya switch ports so that I don't have to backtrack and re-label ports in management tools like LibreNMS and MRTG.

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @BranMan,

    I would like to clarify with you some questions:

    1. Which model are you using?
    2. Since you mentioned "would be helpful especially if/when Zyxel supports SNMPv1 or better", would you like to share your network build-up/topology? I'm curious about your network build-up/topology and where you placed your Zyxel web managed switch.
      Please share it with me via private message.

    Thanks in advance.

    Zyxel Melen

  • BranMan
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    Shared via PM. I'm using a pair of XGS1250-12 switches at the moment but would like to get a hold of a set of XS1930-10 or -12HP switches in the future, for edge scenarios in the data center.