WAC6502d-s STA Disassociation PREV_AUTH_NOT_VALID

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"Random" disconnection from the AP, when connecting with Samsung mobile phone.

Priority info:
STA Disassociation(2:PREV_AUTH_NOT_VALID) by PN Check Fail(WAR).

Cannot find any good solution online, what can be causing this and how to solve?

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    Regarding to this case,
    does only samsung mobile device face this issue? Other device does not?
    There are some reasons will cause USG device showing this log - STA is blocked by 
    prev-Auth Failed.
    1. The station doesn't finish the authentication and the new authentication is coming.
    2. AP change the configuration during the station do the authentication.
    3. The auth. request is coming during the station do the 802.1x auth.
    4. Accounting idle timeout and AP de-auth the station.
    5. Enter the incorrect password. 
    Can you please collect the packet for check further. I will private message you later.

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