XMG1915-18EP Copper 10GBASE-T SFP+ Module compatibility

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I swapped one of my Mikrotik switches with the Zyxel XMG1915-18EP and tried to reuse the 10Gb copper module I already had from the Mikrotik switch (S+RJ10) but it does not work as expected.

The weird thing is that the other side of the link connects at 10Gb speed solidly but shows nothing on the Zyxel side GUI - on the port diagram it is gray for down, but does show up at 10Gb on the front LED panel. I have also checked the cli (show interfaces transceiver 18) and this appears normal and shows module temperature and voltage etc.

Due to the 10Gb link showing as down the switch does not pass traffic so I am limited to 2.5Gb when I connect it into another port.

Does anyone have any experience of running Mikrotik copper SFP+ in Zyxel switches and if this is a switch firmware issue.

What 10Gb copper modules work in this switch? I cannot find any compatibility references.


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    Hi @clarkyjp,

    It seems like the Mikrotik copper SFP+ is not compatible with XMG1915.

    Please note that ZYXEL switch products are recommended to be used exclusively with ZYXEL brand modules to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Using modules from third-party sources can potentially lead to decreased network performance and reliability, such as packet loss and connectivity issues, which also cannot be guaranteed by ZYXEL. ZYXEL may not offer technical support for networking issues that are identified as being caused by IOP with third-party modules.

    You may find the compatible SFP modules in the device datasheet. link

    Zyxel Melen