POE problem Flex 500h


I really do want to like the h series.

IThere are so many flaws…hopefuly the next firmware brings something more to this at this stage unfinished product.

I watd to try the much advertized POE feature. NO GO. from Poe to POE+ devices tried and plugged into P3 oror P4 + Switched POE to enable in the port menu … NOTHING.

Do i miss something in the "GUI" or is there something i can try through CLI or is my device faulty?

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @eddyshere

    To enable the POE function on ports P3 and P4, please navigate to Network > Interface > Port Setting in your settings and ensure that the POE function for these ports is activated.
    Additionally, verify that the input power to your FLEX 500H is correctly configured. From my testing with an AP, it was able to power on successfully without any issues.

  • eddyshere
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    Already did that… : "Switched POE to enable in the port menu … NOTHING."

    No POE so hardware failure ?