Small cosmetic / annoying GUI things

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Not sure how many of those you are already aware of.

1 - Odd default description value "user add" in Object > Zone > Add.

2 - Changing parameters and the trying to edit the same item again often gives a warning.
The system should just check that by itself and reload in the background, shouldn't it?

3 - Most text inputs always display a ton of older strings I entered on all sorts of sites and forms. I like, how I get the last used IP ranges in the diagnostics Ping tool, but having all sorts of pointless options each time I click a field is annoying.
This should be limited to stuff I entered on the F200H before, not any site I ever visited.
But no wonder, since the fields seem to use pretty random id and name attributes…

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  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @StefanZ ,

    Greeting Forum,

    For issue#1, This is an note to remind what is cusotmize zone, you can change the description

    For issue#2, #3, Now 1.20 Firmware is available, I can't find the issue in 1.20, could you help check that ?

    Thank you