Can't get DDNS Certificate to work with SecuExtender VPN Client

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USG FLEX 200 V5.37(ABUI.2)

SecuExtender VPN Client_IPSec_SSL_VPN_7.7.40.019

I have a Certificate for and for testing point at logs show it built but then disconnects

But if I make a self-signed Certificate it works

If I drop the encryption for windows default that can be changed

Phase 1 3DES/SHA1 DH2

Phase 2 AES256/SHA1 PFS none

Import my Certificate setup too windows VPN built in Client that works so why can't the SecuExtender VPN Client_IPSec? I think Its got something to do with intermediate Certification authorities that the SecuExtender VPN Client does not have? I tried exporting that to SecuExtender VPN Client but it didn't work.

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    Hi @PeterUK

    Thank you for reporting this case to us. Could you please send me the certificate with the DDNS domain name via private message? We want to check the certificate content. Thanks.

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