Bridging Connectivity Gaps at National College of Engineering in Nepal

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National College of Engineering


"We, at iTech Office Support, are thrilled to have partnered with Zyxel Networks to address the connectivity challenges faced by the National College of Engineering. Together, we have successfully transformed NCE's network infrastructure, ensuring seamless internet access across the campus."

Suman Koirala, Pre & Post Sales Support
iTech Office Support


The National College of Engineering in Nepal faced connectivity woes across its campus. Teaming up with iTech Office Support and Zyxel Networks, the college revamped its network. With lightning-fast access points in the library, reliable WiFi in lecture halls, and seamless coverage outdoors, the campus is now fully connected. Managed on the Nebula cloud networking platform, issues are resolved in real-time. With improved user experience and seamless roaming, the college's operations run smoothly, thanks to local support and Zyxel's solution.


Embarking on a mission to enhance its campus connectivity, the National College of Engineering (NCE) in Nepal faced a big challenge: ensuring seamless internet access for its students and staff. Hindered by limitations on user capacity and unreliable roaming, the college required a cost-effective solution with local support that could cover indoor and outdoor areas of varying sizes on its campus, accommodate a large number of users, fit within budget constraints, and provide seamless connectivity and roaming capabilities. Additionally, the solution needed centralized management for easy monitoring and optimization.


Enter iTech Office Support and Zyxel Networks, a dynamic duo ready to tackle NCE's networking needs. Together, they revamped the infrastructure, tailoring it to meet the college's requirements.

In the library, students enjoy lightning-fast internet, thanks to NWA50AX access points. No more frustrating lags while accessing online resources—just smooth browsing.

In lecture halls, the WAX610D access points ensure reliable WiFi, even during bustling lectures. No more dropped connections—just steady internet access for all.

Behind the scenes, NAP203 access points support administrative operations, ensuring smooth communication and workflow. And for outdoor study sessions, the WAC6552D-S access points have NCE covered. Whether soaking up the sun or catching up on coursework, connectivity is never an issue.

But what makes this solution truly shine is its seamless management through the Nebula cloud networking management solution. With centralized management and real-time monitoring, NCE can optimize its network effortlessly.


Following the deployment of Zyxel networking solutions supported by iTech Office Support, the National College of Engineering in Nepal has markedly enhanced its network infrastructure. With improved wireless capacity, seamless roaming capabilities, and reliable connectivity across its campus, the college now offers an optimal learning and working environment. Managed on the Nebula cloud networking platform, the solution ensures efficient device management and real-time monitoring, meeting budget constraints without compromising quality — all attribute able to the local support provided by iTech Office Support and the innovative Zyxel solution.

  • Scalable wireless infrastructure to accommodate a large number of users
  • End-to-end coverage to every area of the campus
  • Rapid installation and cost-efficient solution

Products used

WAX610D WiFi 6 Access Point

NWA50AX WiFi 6 Access Point

WAC6552D-S WiFi 5 Outdoor Access Point

NAP203 Cloud Managed Access Point

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