Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series - V5.38Patch 0 Firmware Release

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Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series Release Note 

April 2024

Firmware Version on all models

(Click the hyperlink to find the firmware file directly)

FLEX SeriesDownload linkATP SeriesDownload link

New Feature and Enhancements

S=Standalone mode, C=Cloud mode

Bug fixSC
1. [eITS#230800065, 230801657, 240100888]: ADP allow list support extend to include protocol anomaly.V-
2. Add last update time on SecuReporter Allow list table.V-
3. System protection log category change to system.V-
4. Not support certificate signed using weak hashing algorithm (Md5 or SHA1).V-
5. Cannot set the password to "1234" after the first login for "admin" account.V-
6. Adjust USG20(W)-VPN & USG FLEX 50 default SSL VPN active user to 15.V-
7. Update AP version to V6.70(.2)V-
8. The WBE660S is fully supported in this release. Introducing the WBE660S, a NebulaFlex Pro AP powered by cutting-edge WiFi 7 technology that comes with 3 management modes: standalone, controller managed and Nebula cloud managed modes.V-
9. Added more supported countries for WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 (6Ghz) models.V-
10. Boost GUI efficiency by optimizing handling of extensive access points and client data influx.V-
11. DNS Content Filter support Google/ YouTube/ Microsoft Bing Safe Search.-V
12. Support change to a different ISP (WAN fallback).-V

Bug Fix

S=Standalone mode, C=Cloud mode

Bug fixSC
1. eITS#230600172 a. Change wording of outing column in SNAT flow for Remote Access VPN.V-
2. eITS#230900510 a. Fix: VPN won’t rollback to the primary link when the primary link comes up.V-
3. eITS#231000331 a. Fix: Hotspot clients connectivity Issue.V-
4. eITS#231001935, 240201158 a. Fix: Certificate synchronization issue in HA Pro scenario.V-
5. eITS#231001977, 231201224 a. Fix: Shorten the booting up time in certain conditions.V-
6. eITS#231002090, 240201323 a. Fix: CAPWAP no response and AP disconnect from APC.V-
7. eITS#231002128 a. Fix: External IP Black list update fail on IPv6 address.V-
8. eITS#231002194 a. Fix: Device does not response to https/ssh/console access when using FQDN object in BWM.V-
9. eITS#231100767 a. Fix: ssl inspection doesn't work as expects due to abnormal memory usage.V-
10. eITS#231101460 a. Fix: Remove "MOVE" icon in ADP policies.V-
11. eITS#231101571 a. Fix release notes pop-up window resize issue.V-
12. eITS#231200559 a. Fix: Configuration synchronize issue when device ha role swap.V-
13. eITS#231200687 a. Enhancement: Cache memory recycling mechanism.V-
14. eITS#231200814 a. Fix: The tftp traffic can't get files from the tftp server through the VPN tunnel.V-
15. eITS#231201080 a. Fix: Web Authentication portal can’t popup when browsing the page via https.V-
16. eITS#231201250 a. Fix: SSH accessibility issue to XGS4600 when going through firewall.V-
17. eITS#231201383 a. Fix: LLDP packets can’t be sent out.V-
18. eITS#240100074 a. Fix: BWM malfunctioning when using vlan interfaces.V-
19. eITS#240100387 a. Fix: speedtest server select doesn’t work.V-
20. eITS#240101503 a. Enhancement: Add cli command to support “year” information in syslog.V-
21. eITS#240200401 a. Fix: Add "Responder Only" CLI for IPsec VPN. b. crypto map [CRYPTO_NAME] responder-only c. crypto map [CRYPTO_NAME] no responder-onlyV-
22. eITS#240200927 a. Fix: speedtest sometimes cannot get the result.V-
23. eITS#240200968 a. Fix: 2FA OTP mail can only be sent to 1 email account.V-
24. eITS#240201103 a. Fix: rip/ospf can’t work on VTI interface.V-
25. eITS#240201114 a. Fix: Content Filter Profile icon status incorrect.V-
26. eITS#240300167 a. Fix: Wording adjustment.V-
27. eITS#240300451, 240301211 a. Fix: Device reboots unexpectedly.V-
28. eITS#231201567 a. Fix: pppoe connection issue when multiple pppoe instances are configured-V
29. eITS#240201203 a. Fix: Device becomes unresponsive after losing connection to Nebula server.-V
30. Common vulnerabilities and Exposures: ZLD5.38 Patch0 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE References:


Please refer to the Download Link for more details.

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