No access to the router's web interface after changing its default gateway address

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Hi there,

On the ZyXel device VMG8924-B10A, I need to configure the router in bridge mode, with no DHCP enable, and change the gateway default address from / 24 to / 24. When I do this, I cannot get access anymore to the web interface page via the new gateway IP address in The web page displays: " Page cannot be displayed". 

However, in my command prompt, when I do ipconfig / all, I can see the router default gateway is still In addition, I can also ping to

Can you please advise what to do as I need to connect to the router with the new gateway IP address please.

Thanks for the community for their help in advance.


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    Hi Mickael

    If all your network setting was correct, you should able to access the router
    I guess there must be something set wrong in your network.
    Some points I suggest you could check for:
    1. If you disable DHCP on VMG8924-B10A, how your PC has IP?  Manually set static IP or receive IP from a upper layer DHCP server?
    2. If you Manually set static IP as 192.168.1.x/24, there should not has default gateway, since the IP was not from VMG8924, so there will no default gateway.

    3. If your PC's IP was from upper layer DHCP server, and your PC received 192.168.1.x/24 IP address and also received default gateway as, it means your network has IP confliction. So the you ping might not response from the VMG8924.
    I suggest you double check your network for the correct IP addresses, reset the VMG8924 then set its correct LAN IP address, and also set correct IP for the PC.