NebulaFlex Switch XGS2220 Series - V4.80 Patch 4 Firmware Release

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Zyxel Switch XGS2220 Series Release Note 

April 2024

Firmware Version on all models

(Click Hyperlink to download the firmware directly)

Zyxel XGS2220-30 - V4.80(ABXN.4)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-30HP - V4.80(ABXO.4)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-30F - V4.80(ABYE.4)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54 - V4.80(ABXP.4)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54HP - V4.80(ABXQ.4)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54FP - V4.80(ACCE.4)C0

New Feature and Enhancements

1. [Nebula] Support Cloud stacking mode and can configure 2-port or 4-port stacking. 

2. [Nebula] Support Hardware Monitor (CPU/Memory/Temperature). 

3. [Nebula] Support DHCP relay and DHCP option 82 setting. 

4. [Nebula] Support fan reset button to address SFP module overheating, reducing noise and prevent the fan from keeping running at the highest speed. 

5. [Nebula] Support Flow Control on port setting. 

6. [Standalone] Enhance security by forcing users to change the password after first login.

Bug Fix

C=Cloud mode, S=Standalone mode

Bug fixCS
1. [eITS#240201138] Fixed an error caused by changing VLAN port settings after adjusting Voice VLAN ID.VV
2. [eITS#230900573] Fixed an issue causing the switch to repeatedly switch from standalone mode to cloud mode leading to switch offline.V-
3. [eITS#240101398] Stacking Switch detects broadcast and multicast packet on stacking ports.VV
4. [eITS#240200679] Fixed the issue when applying the classifiers to the policy rule, the switch initiates parameters incorrectly causing switch crashes.-V

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.

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