Elevating Esports Experience with Zyxel’s Game-Changing Network

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MP3 Arena


"In our partnership with Zyxel Networks, MP3 Arena has achieved great results in connectivity and technological innovation. Zyxel’s game-changing solutions have elevated our service standards and ensure top-quality experiences for our customers.”

Gustavo Franco, CEO
4eX Solutions


MP3 Arena aimed to transform a conventional movie theater into a cuttingedge gaming paradise. Their goal was crystal clear — delivering high-quality network performance and minimal latency for passionate gamers. They made it happen by introducing lightning-fast network technology and strategically placing WiFi access points and switches throughout the venue. The result? A gaming haven like no other.


The MP3 Arena esports center in the Lindóia Shopping is a major domestic online sporting events space. It partnered with the system integrator 4eX Solutions, aiming to set up a modern network for this top-notch gamer arena located inside a movie theater in southern Brazil.

Transforming an old movie theater into a top-notch esports gaming center posed several challenges in the fiercely competitive gaming sector, where network reliability was crucial for retaining customers. Realizing this vision required a completely new network infrastructure. This network had a big job — it needed to be fast, minimize delays, and maintain stability for all users.
Furthermore, it had to meet the rigorous performance demands of a gaming arena while ensuring cost-effectiveness in the adoption of advanced technology and infrastructure enhancements.


To ensure consistently high-speed connectivity, the esports gaming center aimed to implement a reliable and robust network, offering seamless connectivity experiences to both visitors and employees. After a thorough evaluation, they opted to deploy Zyxel Networks’ comprehensive equipment, incorporating 24-port L2+ managed switches and wireless access points for all users.

Zyxel’s GS2220-28 switches have a rich Layer 2 feature set capable of shaping traffic for diverse multimedia applications. Its advanced traffic control features offer greater agility and more effective traffic management for today’s converged applications.

The NWA1123ACv3 access points combine wireless technologies such as Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS), beamforming technology, and Load Balancing. These features minimize interference, increase data rates, and enable administrators to easily set limits on the number of clients associated with each access point. These advanced functions ensure users can enjoy a smooth, consistent, and uninterrupted wireless experience.

In addition to its high performance, this network is fully integrated and controlled by Nebula, Zyxel’s cloud networking management solution, enabling administrators to easily control the network via a local dashboard, online access, and through a mobile application, providing total control in the palm of their hands.


The upgraded network infrastructure has been a game-changer, offering high-speed data transmission and minimal latency — key elements in meeting the comprehensive demands of gamers for smooth streaming and reliable connectivity. With its remarkably low latency, enhanced data transfer speeds, and steadfast reliability, even during peak usage, the network guarantees an excellent gaming experience without lags or interruptions.
The new network successfully caters to the diverse demands of gamers, whether they are engaged in competitive online gaming or participating in multiplayer events. It has solidified MP3 Arena’s status as the preferred destination for gamers in pursuit of the best possible online gaming experience.

  • Uninterrupted connectivity ensures a gaming environment free from lag or disruptions
  • An exceptional gaming experience is provided through low latency and high-speed data transmission

Products used

NWA1123ACv3 WiFi 5 Access Point

GS2220-28 L2+ Managed Switch

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