[Release Note] Nebula Mobile Router FWA510 - V1.18(P1)C0 Release Note

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Nebula Mobile Router Firmware Release Note V1.18 P1

Date: March 29, 2024


This document provides firmware release information on Zyxel FWA510, new features and enhancements, bug fix, known issues and workarounds information for Release V1.18 Patch 1 C0.

Supported Platforms

Nebula FWA510 V1.18(ACGD.1)C0

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Danish APNs added into 5G FWA/NR devices

Bug fix

  1. [eITS #230901233] When apply different theme, the nebula control center 3 circle in local GUI does not display as expected.
  2. [eITS #231100589, #231100675, #231000863] FWA-510 GUI specific page infinite loading, cannot display normally.
  3. [eITS #231200344] FWA510 USB service feature “Share Directly Configuration” option missing on the GUI.
  4. [eITS #240100148] Set a PIN lock and rebooted the FWA510. Once it restarted, after navigating to other menu settings and returning to the main menu, the PIN request pop-up reappeared, asking for the PIN to unlock the SIM again. Despite entering the correct PIN, the SIM card gets locked.

Known Issue

  1. [SPR #240117264] When the device is powered on with both the SIM card and eth WAN connected, then eth WAN is disconnected after startup to switch to the SIM card, and eth WAN is reconnected, this causes the eth WAN information to not display.
  2. [SPR #240216132] The statistics for 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi usage on the FWA510 are abnormal.
  3. [SPR #240222198] In the Nebula mobile router's Live Tool, the interval for updating the WLAN stations list needs to be load more than two minutes.
  4. [SPR #240311123] After removing the mobile router from the org/site and letting it sit for more than 20 minutes, the three 'Registration' circles in the Local GUI finally light up green.
  5. [eITS #231002095] FWA510 5G abnormal disconnected, require reboot to recover service.

Limitation of Settings


Default Setting

Account for GUI:




Refer to device back label

Default URL: is for the device GUI login:

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