Block all internet traffics form the particular device except some websites.

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 I want to block all internet traffic form particular group device except outlook (365 accounts), Skype and slack.  I noticed these apps are using port 80 to communicate. It means web authentication. Anyone, please suggest me.   
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  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    As our design, the USG Series can do block specific applications, but it does not support to allow specific applications, others be blocked.
    I will move your request to idea section.
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    I think you can try to use Content Filter to add the white list web sites.

    Create a Content Filter Profile,
    (1)Enable Custom Service
    (2)Select Allow web traffic for trusted web sites only
    (3)Add white list web sites into "Trusted Web Sites"

    Here the web sites I got in my region (might not the same as yours)

    And just apply this profile to your test PC to check if all sites been add.
    Then check the Block log on ZyWALL and add the others been blocked into your white list.

  • Thanks Zyman2008

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