Enhancing Guest Experience at Treebones Resort in Nepal

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Treebones Resort


"When we manage the network for Treebones Resort, we have found that guests rave about the reliable connection and strong signal, while our IT staff enjoys the time and hassle saved through Nebula's intuitive controls. Treebones Resort boasts seamless WiFi, thanks to Zyxel Networks’ solution and Nebula's effortless management."

Amogh Manandhar, Technical Support
IT Office Care


Nestled amidst Nepal's serene landscapes, Treebones Resort epitomizes tranquillity and natural beauty. However, behind this facade lay challenges in meeting guests' evolving demands, from seamless connectivity to maintaining reliable technology infrastructure. Seeking innovative yet budget-friendly solutions, Treebones partnered with iTech Office Support. Through the strategic deployment of Zyxel Networks' solutions, including switches and access points, the resort achieved stable connectivity and efficient data transfer. This not only enhanced guest satisfaction but also optimized operational efficiency, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation in the hospitality industry.


Like many businesses, Treebones faced the daunting task of balancing quality with cost-effectiveness. They desired technology solutions that could meet their needs without draining their financial resources. Moreover, the resort yearned for a seamless experience, where guests could enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and efficient services. The existing infrastructure lacked scalability and reliability, causing frequent disruptions and hindering operational efficiency.


In pursuit of optimal technological solutions, Treebones Resort sought guidance from iTech Office Support, a reputable local vendor renowned for its expertise in technology solutions. With a keen focus on addressing the resort's unique needs while maintaining affordability and quality, Zyxel Networks' products were thoughtfully selected and deployed across various areas of the resort.

The GS1900-16 Smart Managed Switch served as the backbone in the server room, ensuring stable wired and wireless connectivity and efficient data transfer.

Meanwhile, the GS1008HP PoE switch was employed to connect cameras and access points within the huts, ensuring seamless surveillance and WiFi coverage.

The GS1005HP PoE switch found its place at the reception and huts, facilitating smooth connectivity for guests and staff alike. To further bolster connectivity within guest accommodations, the GS-108B v3 switch was installed in every hut to connect to the access point and TV to ensure smooth broadcasting and data communications.

NWA55AXE WiFi 6 outdoor access point was strategically placed in key outdoor areas such as the garden, bar, and parking lot, while the NWA50AX WiFi 6 Access Point was deployed in each hut, providing guests with reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity. As a result, the resort not only achieved its objective of enhancing guest satisfaction but also optimized its operations through efficient technology solutions.


After the installation, the resort and its IT service company, IT Office Care, witnessed a remarkable improvement in connectivity. With products that were easy to manage and supported by responsive local support teams, they could rest assured that any technical issues would be promptly addressed. Moreover, the reliability of Zyxel Networks' solutions minimized the need for constant maintenance, allowing the resort to focus on delivering exceptional guest services without disruptions.

  • Seamless and hassle-free WiFi for guests while moving within different areas
  • Centralized cloud network management ensures streamlined and efficient device supervision
  • Fast and scalable wireless solution at a reasonable cost
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction and optimized operational efficiency

Products used

NWA55AXE WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

NWA50AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1900-16 Smart Managed Switch

GS1005HP Unmanaged PoE Switch

GS1008HP Unmanaged PoE Switch

GS-108B v3 Desktop Ethernet Switch

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