XGS1930-52 VLAN Interoperabilty


I wanted to share the configuration efforts required to introduce a XGS1930-52 into an existing network. The XGS is replacing some older 24 port smart switches that are limited by their 1 Gb SFP uplink ports. The Terminology used in the XGS differs from working knowledge of various manufactures when configuring VLAN's. I have not looked at (and have disabled) the cloud configuration since it would not represent my network given the different manufactures utilized.

I was initially unsuccessful in manually configuring the VLAN's. I then turned to the Wizard and created five environment mandatory VLAN's. It is surprising that the Wizard is limited to only five graphical configurations given it's 52 ports. However, the wizard configuration and the context limited help blurbs furthered my understanding of how to actually configure the XGS. Caution must be taken to not run the wizard after any manual configuration as it will likely wipe out the VLAN configurations. Error/warning messages should be exposed in the UI about not supporting manual configuration!

For successful interoperability, GARP (GVRP) must be active with neighboring switches (if they expose the feature). Port trunking must be set when connecting to supplemental switches.

The attached diagram is part of internal documentation and was condensed to a single page. I hope it helps others configure their switches and reduce the learning curve.

So far, everything appears working and the limited testing does indicate 1 Gb throughput on the ports. The switch does run hotter than expected and I hope that does not affect product longevity.

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    Hi @Network_Tech

    Thank you for sharing your VLAN configuration. This will be helpful to other users. Regarding your concerns about the wizard settings, we will escalate them to the relevant team to enhance our user experience.

    Share yours now! https://bit.ly/4aO0BMF