[Release Note] Access Point WBE660S - V6.70 Patch 3 firmware has been released

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Access Points Firmware Release Note 

April 2024


This document provides firmware release information on Zyxel Access Points platforms, introduce new Access Points, new features and enhancements, bug fix, known issues and workarounds information for Release V6.70 Patch3 C0.

Supported Platforms

(Click Hyperlink to download the firmware directly)

Zyxel WBE660S - V6.70(ACGG.3)

New Features and Enhancements


Bug Fix

C=Cloud mode, M=Managed, S=Standalone mode

Bug FixCMS
1. [Symptom] WBE660S with CNP license linked, the throughput will obviously degrade.V--
2. [eITS: 231200779] AP LAN port status uptime not real uptime.--V
3. [eITS: 240301414] WBE660S managed by controller causing boot loop.-V-

Known Issue

C=Cloud mode, M=Managed, S=Standalone mode

Known IssueCMS
1. [eITS: 230900934] [Symptom] AP not forward the MLDv1 report packets from wireless clients to ethernet.VVV
2. [eITS:240400399] [Symptom] In Mesh network, client connected to repeater AP, the Rate Limit feature upload rate not works.V-V
3. [SPRID: 231228296] [Symptom] When 'SSID rate-limit'/'traffic shaping'/'Application visibility' is turned on and then off, the throughput does not return to normal. A reboot is necessary for it to return to normal.V--
4. [SPRID: 231204012] [Symptom] Enabling and then disabling Intra-BSS traffic blocking results in STAs being unable to ping each other.V-V
5. [SPRID: 230926298] [Symptom] Application speed still limited after Application visibility from enable to disable when connect to WBE660S.V--
6. [SPRID: 230914205] [Symptom] Windows 7 client cannot connect successfully to WPA2/WPA3 -Enterprise SSID configured with Nebula Cloud AuthenticationV--
7. [SPRID: 230918233] [Symptom] When configured with 'Block all access until sign-on', the AP still allows HTTPS traffic before client authentication.VVV
8. [SPRID: 230511153] [Symptom] When enable MAC-Authentication with accounting, after client roaming, accounting star & stop will exist at the same time (Station still connected to the AP)VVV

Limitation of Settings

1. WBE660S operated in managed AP mode doesn't support Zymesh feature when managed by VPN, USG, USGFlex and ATP series AP controller. However, WBE660S can still support WDS in standalone mode and Smart Mesh in cloud managed mode.

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