Enhancing WiFi Experiences in Korea’s Unmanned Study Cafe

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Study cafe



The study cafe in Busan operates as a space rental business using an unmanned system, emphasizing the need to minimize maintenance costs for the corporate wireless environment. However, the current wireless network infrastructure falls short of supporting the required advanced environment, leading to inconveniences for both customers and the cafe operator.
With Zyxel Networks’ extensive track record in network installations and a diverse equipment portfolio, the study cafe's system integration partners, iTel and LG U+, selected Zyxel NWA90AX WiFi 6 AP to establish a reliable and easily managed wireless environment.


The WiFi provided at the study cafe is standard. Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity is crucial, particularly since the cafe operates unmanned 24/7 without a dedicated manager on-site. Any disruptions in WiFi service need quick resolution to maintain customer satisfaction.

However, slow speeds are sometimes experienced due to the additional connection of many IoT devices, such as kiosks and CCTV cameras, through both wired and wireless connections. This issue is compounded by the frequent movement of customers throughout the cafe, relying on WiFi in various areas like open spaces, individual seating sections, and lounge areas.


The study cafe turned to iTel and LG U+ to address the issue. LG U+, a leading telecommunication service provider, offers a WiFi Office solution tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, providing customized, high-quality WiFi services. The cost-effective and SMB-friendly wireless network solution leverages Zyxel Networks’ technology to offer easy-to-install and high performance wireless connectivity.

In the Busan Guseo branch, covering a larger area than other sites, 4 NWA90AX WiFi 6 wireless APs were deployed.The high-performance WiFi 6 APs offer faster connectivity speeds, extend the range of the wireless network, and enhance the capacity for IoT deployments in congested or densely populated areas. They can accommodate multiple simultaneous users, providing enterprise-grade functionalities for a high-speed, stable wireless network environment, and ensuring seamless usage for various smart devices in study cafes.

The centralized network monitoring enables the assessment and management of connected devices, ensuring optimal WiFi speed and uninterrupted service. Even in an unmanned workplace network without an administrator, immediate failure handling is possible.This upgrade not only ensured a stable WiFi environment, allowing seamless movement within the cafe but also reduced the burden of installation, management, and operation expenses.


The successful implementation of Zyxel Networks’ products alongside LG U+’s WiFi Office solution helped the study cafe improve the network environment and reduce management efforts. By introducing NWA90AX WiFi 6 access points, it effectively addressed the challenge of speed slowdowns during the simultaneous use of kiosks and customer WiFi. Customers can now confidently enjoy uninterrupted wireless connectivity while utilizing the cafe’s facilities and can freely move between various areas such as open spaces, individual zones, group spaces, lounges, and break rooms.

  • Improved WiFi speed and stable network connectivity, even during peak usage
  • Cost-effective and efficient installation and management
  • Enhanced customer experience through seamless and convenient WiFi access

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