How to enable access L3 license on Nebula switch?

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The Nebula switch-related license is a little different from the Nebula firewall-related license. This topic will guide you on enabling the access L3 license on Nebula Switch.

  1. Purchase your access L3 license. You can purchase it from your reseller or via the Zyxel Marketplace.
  2. Register the access L3 license on Nebula. Please navigate to Organization > License & Inventory > Licenses tab to register.
  3. Assign the access L3 license to your switch.
  4. After the assignment, your switch will have an Access L3 license and a one-year Nebula Pro pack license.
  5. Log in to your switch to update the service status. If you are not sure of the password, please reference this FAQ.
    Please navigate to Menu > Maintenance > Service Register to update to service status.
  6. Reboot your switch.

Note: If you don't reboot your switch, the configuration status of your switch will be "Not up to date".

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