L2TP over IPSec VPN from Ubuntu 18.04

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I will try a vpn connection from an Ubuntu 18.04 Client to ZyWALL310 with L2TP over IPsec.
How configure the ZyWALL and the VPN client on Ubuntu (network-manager-l2tp)?

Thank you.

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  • Please, when asking a question, don't forget to inquire the firmware version of the Zywall.
    First, under firmware 4.33, L2TP is not working with OS X when it does under firmware 4.32. So I had to downgrade the firmware to make it work. Maybe that could be the issue.
    Otherwise, I would use shrew softrware to established an ipsec vpn connection with ubuntu, not a L2TP.
    Kind regards.

  • The firmware is 4.20.

    OK, i will try the Shrew Software on Ubuntu for an IPSec VPN Connection.
    What configuration is needed on the client side for ipsec to zywall?

    Thank you.
    Kind regards.
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    Regarding to this case,
    you can following the document which provide from Shrew Soft official website.
    Link: https://www.shrew.net/support/images/b/b0/Zywall-usg.pdf
    Note:You need to confirm the encryption and algorithm on both side are matched before establish tunnel.
    I already tested it on my lab with v4.33 firmware, and the l2tp VPN is working.

    Can you reconfigure setting and check it again? If the issue still occur, please private message the configuration for check further.
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    Thank you for your help. It worked with the instructions of Shrew Soft official website document.
    I configure an IKEv1 Tunnel/Gateway on ZyWALL310 and on the Client (Ubuntu 18.04) installed Shrew VPN Client. Now the Tunnel is opened and works.

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