Prescribing Smart Solutions to Boost Network Connectivity and Productivity

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Pharmaceutical company



The pharmaceutical company wanted to relocate its offices from Gangwon-do to Seoul. They aimed to enhance internet speed and minimize WiFi interruptions to create a more efficient working environment. After installing the new network with ebaseNET, LG U+, and Zyxel Networks, the company now experiences faster internet and uninterrupted WiFi, along with more efficient network management.
Additionally, they benefit from lower installation and maintenance costs during office relocation.


The pharmaceutical company faced several challenges in consolidating multiple business sites into a single centralized location in Seoul. They needed a solution to eliminate visible wiring and aimed to complete network construction before the grand opening. Previous reliance on routers had led to frequent WiFi disruptions due to overloading. Moreover, given the company’s spacious office environment, they had to seek a more reliable and efficient solution for the new office.


Following thorough consultation and evaluation, their system integrator and telecommunications service provider, ebaseNET and LG U+, customized a solution featuring a corporate internet line, integrated security equipment, and WiFi network capable of supporting internet phones, wireless connections, and network security. Zyxel Networks' NWA90AX WiFi 6 AP, GS1200-5HP v2 Web Managed PoE Switch, and USG FLEX 100 Firewall were deployed to replace the existing routers, facilitating the rapid establishment of a high-speed and reliable office network environment.

The APs were installed to transmit signals to devices, enabling wireless internet access. They were strategically positioned throughout the office, including workspaces, conference rooms, and hallways to enhance WiFi coverage and stability. To ensure optimal WiFi signal transmission in the expansive office space, they were mounted on the ceiling.

Additionally, the wireless network is centrally managed, simplifying installation and administration. Remote control and monitoring capabilities allow for prompt issue resolution to ensure a stable wireless network environment, reducing concerns about potential failures.


The successful implementation brings about a highperformance and hassle-free wireless network for the pharmaceutical company. Employees no longer have to deal with frequent WiFi disruptions or connectivity issues, leading to increased productivity and reduced frustration.
They can enjoy faster internet speeds and reliable connectivity throughout the office space. This seamless connectivity allows for smoother collaboration among team members and facilitates the efficient execution of tasks. Moreover, this cost-effective approach ensures that the company can achieve its goals of enhancing connectivity and productivity without stretching its budget.

  • Fast internet speed and seamless wireless connectivity without interruption
  • Hassle-free network management and network security, supported by effective centralized management
  • Improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and cost savings

Products used

NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1200-5HP v2 Web Managed PoE Switch

USG FLEX 100 Firewall

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