xgs121012 10Gbe speed issue

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I have a xgs121012 switch with 2 spf10GBE but I only achieve a maximum transfer speed of 140Mb/sCould someone tell me how to make the 2 devices connected to ports 11 and 12 communicate with each other at maximum speed?The devices show that they are connected to 10GB but there is no way to transfer faster!I

last firmware V2.00(ABTY.0)C0

Thanks for your help!!!!!!

attach configuration photos:

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    I achieved for the first time in my life the "full 1GBe performance" in SMB file transfers few years ago, while transferiing data from my laptop to another device. Roughly 110mbyte/s. But I used GBe connections since… 2006. Currently I use most of times an old and low tier laptop, which has only 100mbps ethernet adapter. And currently, sometimes, I can max out the current bandwidth of this network card.

    Probably you don't care about my "peak performance"… but my post lacks the same informations of yours: surrouding devices specs. You can obtain 2,5gbe link with "cheap" hardware, but without "horsepower" as CPU, bus bandwidth and storage speed, having this large "network road" cannot be filled with all data.

    So, please: tell us the network cards, cables and the system involved into that. Transferring data from quality SATA SSD to a HDD NAS (even with cache) hardly can max out a 10Gbe connection…

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    Please try to set Flow Control as enabled only for port 11, then only for port 12 and then for both ports 11 and 12.

    I have noticed that it matters when I am using SFP+ BASE-T 10G transeiver, maybe it will matter for your setup. After changing - please check both in and out speeds for your devices.

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    Hi @calculin

    As user mMontana suggested, please provide us with the following details:

    • The network adapter name and its version that your end devices are using.
    • The SFP model you are utilizing to connect ports 11 and 12 of the switch to the end devices.

    These pieces of information will greatly assist us in investigating and resolving the issue more efficiently.

    Thank you

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