Transforming Dining Experience with Reliable and Seamless Connectivity

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Chef Museum Restaurant



Amidst the hustle of restaurant operations, an initially convenient network setup turned into a headache, plagued by frequent WiFi disruptions and sluggish speeds. Recognizing the need for change, the restaurant revamped its infrastructure by deploying high-performance WiFi 6 APs, a PoE switch, and a security firewall to provide seamless connectivity and ensure a smooth dining experience without bad connections.


To streamline operations, the restaurant implemented a network setup that initially seemed convenient: a router placed directly in front of the POS machine at the entrance, with tablets stationed at each table for seamless ordering. However, this setup quickly became a source of frustration due to frequent WiFi disconnections and internal network instability. As a result, the restaurant grappled with sluggish WiFi speeds and recurring errors in the order and payment system. It became evident that overcoming these challenges required a comprehensive overhaul of the network infrastructure.


To tackle these network challenges, the restaurant partnered with its trusted system integrator and telecommunications service provider, ebaseNET and LG U+. Together, they devised a comprehensive solution, recommending the deployment of a WiFi system equipped with integrated security features.
The aim was to ensure stable table orders and enhance the overall reliability of the network.

As part of the solution, Zyxel Networks’ products were installed, including two NWA90AX WiFi 6 APs, one USG FLEX 100 Firewall, and one GS1200-5HP Web Managed PoE Switch.

The decision to employ the new network with highperformance WiFi 6 APs proved beneficial, particularly for a spacious environment like the restaurant. These APs were strategically mounted on the ceiling to optimize the transmission of the WiFi signal. This setup ensured seamless connectivity even while customers moved around the store, resulting in a reliable WiFi environment free from bad connections.


After the new network is in place, its stability and reliability have been significantly enhanced, ensuring seamless operations and greater efficiency throughout the restaurant. The streamlined workflow and increased efficiency lead to a reduction in delays and errors in order processing. This improvement in connectivity not only facilitates quicker service but also elevates customer satisfaction levels. Also, the optimized network infrastructure enables easier network management and ensures prompt resolution of network issues.

  • Smooth WiFi experiences without spotty reception
  • Improved network stability and reliability, ensuring seamless operations
  • Enhanced connectivity leading to faster service and improved customer satisfaction

Products used

NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1200-5HP v2 Web Managed PoE Switch

USG FLEX 100 Firewall

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