WiFi disconnects immediatly after VPN SSL connection established on Windows 10

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Hi there
I am using a VPN 100 with the newest firmware and ZyWall SecuExtender ( on Windows. I can connect to to my SSL connection, but as soon as the connection is established (message bottom right), my WiFi adapter is automatically switched off. As I connect to the internet via WiFi, this causes the VPN connection to immediatly disconnect - obviously. I can then manually turn on WiFi again and start over. So far, I have not established a successfull connection for more than a fraction of moments. On Mac clients, I use the macOS version, which works fine (SecuExtender 1.1.8).

Any hints or tips to avoid the problem?

HW: HP EliteBook Tablet x360 1030
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 1803

Thank you very much.

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    I have faced this behavior before, and I found the discussion on this site
    Just disable UWP service("HP LAN/WLAN/WWAN Switching UWP Service" )

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    Hello TechnoTom.
    I have Mac OS Mojave and need SecuExtender 1.1.8 On Zyxell web is only version 1.1.7 and this is not compatible with my Mac OS Mojave. Where can I found full 1.1.8 version? Thank you.

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