NAT failing when trying to use same port on different static IP

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 Our ISP provides us a WAN connection with 5 (consecutive) static IPs. 

When I try to add a NAT rule as follows, I get the error listed below. I am unable to figure out where the problem is. I'm using a Zywall 1100.

Mapping Type: Virtual Server
Interface: ge1
External IP: <static_ip_4>
Internal IP: <server_ip>
Service: https

Error: The port is conflicting with a port of zyxel device. Please fill-in a different port number or change the service port to a different one.

What I tried:
In system->www, added an admin service control to deny all addresses of WAN zone to access the admin page (forced admin users to go through VPN).

I remember this method worked in the previous versions, but am having issues in the latest version (for some reason, the device suddenly froze and reset to factory default after I updated the SSL certificate and am now having to restore all settings back. It refuses to restore the settings from my backup and so am doing it manually).


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    The https already be used by Unit, so you cannot configure the https service on NAT rule.
    Therefore, just modify the port number of accessing GUI on WWW page first.
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    Nope you don't have too you can config the NAT to use 80 and 443 if you know what your doing without conflict.
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    @PeterUK @OneZyUser 
    Regarding to this case,
    The solution will be included in next patch firmware released by the end of Feb.
    For the device's freeze issue,
    can I know what firmware version did you use? and the certificate you upload which you generated by yourself?
    I will private message you for details.

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