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Good morning,
Does the usg60w support 3 wan?
I have 2 wan and a 4g dongle that unfortunately doesn't work, so i bought a 4G router and I would like to know if can I use the 4G router as another wan interface. To be honest i don't need the 4G as backup but I'd like to route all ftp traffic on that interface. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance, 

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    The are no physical 3rd WAN or OPT port on USG60W.
    So the possible work-around is to create a VLAN interface as the 3rd WAN interface.
    But that your 4G router need to support VLAN tagged on LAN.

  • Alberto
    Thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately my 4G router doesn't support any kind of VLANs.

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