Able to establish SSL VPN connection but computer firewall ignores traffic

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Via SecureExtender I am able to connect from a remote computer to the USG20 router at my office. When trying to connect to file server the file server firewall blocks it. If I disable firewall connection to file server is obtained. System was working before but Windows 7 Jan update had issues with remote access.

I would like to setup a rule on firewall to allow traffic on port 443. Is that the port that USG20 uses to send SSL VPN traffic?

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  • yitbp_Luis
    Firewall is Windows Firewall running on file server

  • Jeremylin
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    Try to create the security policy to allow traffic from tunnel t local server.
    Go to security policy> From: Tunnel, To: any, Source:any, Destination: Server IP, server: any, allow
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    Create a security policy FROM TUNNEL to ZyWall,
    When you installed your Zyxel you delete de default rules?

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