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On dashboard I see many notyfication about connection from local host to DNS servers and what is more freak, even connection from work station to ZYXELL at 

Can I add some exclusion or filters to preset which Logs should be notified ?

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    Don't understand the meaning. Can you explain more with some examples(ex. screenshot..)
  • mLipok

    on dashboard, there is panel called: "The Latest Alert Logs"

    Question 1:

    Why in this Panel I see so many proper DNS connection ?

    This connection looks like normal connection from station to my DNS Server.

    Question 2:

    Why connection to USG  at  from Workstation is notified in "The Latest Alert Logs"

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    Hi @mLipok ,

    Please see the comments in line.

    Question 1:Why in this Panel I see so many proper DNS connection ?

    [I guess you create a security policy for DNS service, and set the rule to “log alert” ]

    Question 2:Why connection to USG at from Workstation is notified in "The Latest Alert Logs"

    [If the lan side client is trying to access device Web GUI, and log in fail, it will have alert log for failed login event]

    Can you take a screenshot about the event log? It would be better to understand what the log is.

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