Configuring Multiple SSIDs with VLANs on USG FLEX 700 and Zyxel Switches


Hello everyone,

I am working on setting up a network configuration where multiple SSIDs need to be broadcasted, each associated with a different VLAN. I have a Zyxel USG FLEX 700 firewall managed via Nebula and several switches that can only be managed via the web interface.

I understand that it is necessary to declare interfaces on the firewall with a specific VLAN tag for each SSID. However, I am unsure about the settings to adjust in the LAN Groups of the firewall and the specific configurations to apply on the switches to properly manage the tags and trunks.

Here is what I need to configure:

  1. Configuration on the switch: What tags should I use? How should I configure the ports in trunk or access mode as needed?
  2. Configuration on the USG FLEX 700 firewall: How should I adjust the LAN Groups or interfaces so that each VLAN is correctly routed and isolated according to the corresponding SSID?
  3. Configuration of the access points: What are the best practices for linking each SSID to its respective VLAN?

If anyone has experience with this type of setup or suggestions on best practices to adopt, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for your support and advice!