GS1920-24HPv2 - Turn on & off PoE on ports by SNMP

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I have a APC BackUPS Pro UPS which powers a server, a PoE switch (GS1920-24HPv2), and a RaspPi running NUT (Network UPS Tools) to monitor the UPS.

When power goes off the NUT gracefully shuts the server down.

All is good.

However I'd like to get some more life from the UPS and I was thinking that when the power fails I could get the NUT to somehow tell the PoE switch to continue being a switch but turn off the PoE to the CCTV Cameras.

I tried to turn off the PoE on port17 using the below

snmpset -v2c -c public i 2

But I get the following error

Error in packet.
Reason: notWritable (That object does not support modification)
Failed object: iso.


  1. Can I not do this with SNMP?
  2. Is that the wrong OID?
  3. Is there another way I could do this?

Many thanks in advance

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @IanCH,

    I can turn on/off the PoE by the same O.I.D.

    Please help to check if you enable the SNMP function on the Service Access Control page (Path: Menu > Security > Access Control > Service Access Control)

  • IanCH
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    Hi @Zyxel_Melen

    Thank you so much for the screen shots.

    Thanks to those I saw my mistake. I had the wrong OID

    I was doing the below for port 17

    snmpset -v2c -c public i 2

    and should of been doing the below

    snmpset -v2c -c public i 2

    The OID being