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Hello all,

Hope everyone is ok.

A quick (and probably dumy question), is that possible to set up 2 LAN interfaces in LAG mode in a HA infrastructure ?

To get something like this :

Thanks in advance and have a good day.

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    Yes, LAG + HA Pro can fulfill.
    If Switch A & B support stacking (as a virtual switch), you can set LAG interface mode to 802.3ad(LACP).
    Otherwise, set LAG interface mode to active-backup or balance-alb

    Be aware, not all model support LAG interface.
    As I know, USG310/1100/1900 support it.

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    Hi zyman2008,

    Thanks for your reply.

    There is a mistake on my dia, the switch A on the right side (WAN) is switch C... sorry.

    Switch A and B don't support stacking unfortunately so active-backup mode was my first guest, thanks to confirm it ;)

    About the LAG support, I have 2 USG310 so all good.

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