Analyzing WiFi Network Stability and Effectiveness with Zyxel Nebula

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If you are deploying new access points and want to analyze the speed, stability, and effectiveness of your WiFi network, Zyxel offers tools through the Nebula platform that can assist you.

Here are some features and FAQs that can help you in assessing your network:

  1. Client Real-Time Stability: View detailed client information in Nebula to check signal strength, radio, Tx/Rx rate.

    How to View Detailed Client Information in Nebula?

  2. Connection Events: Utilize WiFi Aid for a simplified approach to wireless troubleshooting.

    WiFi Aid - Simplified approach for wireless troubleshooting

  3. Environment Situation and Retry Rate: Monitor the wireless health status of AP and clients, and optimize as needed with Nebula tools.

    How to monitor the wireless health status of AP and client and optimize?

  4. Access Point Throughput Capability: Follow the guideline to set up and proceed with throughput tests to gauge your APs' performance.

    Guideline for Setup and Proceed Throughput Test

By using these tools and features, you can ensure that your WiFi network is delivering the performance and stability required for your deployment.