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Hello. I have USG60 with LAN1 IP and switch GS1920 after firewall with IP I try to make port forwarding to access switch configuration from outside. I make all from this site https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/360001390934-NAT-Rule-Configuration-on-a-USG-Port-Forwarding-  but my forwarding cannot work. In my case i ask to forward outside port 8082 to (web acsess on switch). I try to make connection (WAN1-IP):8082 but that not work. When i see log i find this: (WAN1-IP):8780 to ACCESS BLOCK. Next time outside port are changes. For example - (WAN1-IP):8820 to ACCESS BLOCKED. Every time when i try to make this connection source port are different and access are blocked because source port are not 8082. What are reason for that? Every time i ask port 8082 but log write other. I will be very thankful for every support.

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  • That is log information.

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    Have you made a firewall rule to allow WAN to LAN?

  • Yes. And here are the problem. I find mistake. When i make new Object with port i write port 8082 (external port) but i must add port 80 (internal). And in Policy Control rule i write Service - HTTP (port 80) and all is done. Case is closed. It is my mistake but in all documents or videos i see port forwarding who are with same numbers for external and internal ports and that is difference. When i make rule i include external port but correct are to include internal port in Service Section. I hope all will understand that who explain.

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