Powering Up Korean Gym’s Connectivity with Reliable WiFi

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In the busy world of gyms and fitness centers, where members rely on WiFi for entertainment and communication during workouts, a seamless connection is vital. Previously using routers, a Korean gym faced challenges with WiFi interruptions and weak coverage areas. But with a new integrated WiFi network from Zyxel Networks and LG U+, they now provide members with reliable connectivity for an uninterrupted workout experience.


The Korean gym and fitness center relied on internet and phone services, but they faced slow and unreliable WiFi, particularly during busy workout times.
Members experienced disruptions like music cutting out and the inability to play YouTube videos, frustratingly compounded by private router failures.
These challenges arose from WiFi interruptions and dead zones caused by the existing routers, which made it difficult to manage the network and solve these issues promptly. As many members prefer watching YouTube, especially while on the treadmill, constant WiFi disconnections are even more inconvenient. It’s essential to maintain a stable WiFi connection at the gym to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for members.


Recognizing the need for a reliable WiFi solution, the gym partnered with system integrators Narae C&S and LG U+ to install cutting-edge technology, including Zyxel Networks’ USG FLEX 100 firewall, NWA90AX WiFi 6 access points, and GS1200-5HP PoE switches.

This integrated solution is a convenient one-stop solution for small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 100 employees. It allows for quick WiFi system installation and management and swift issue resolution in case of failure.

The access points were installed on the ceiling to eliminate shadow areas throughout the gym and provide seamless coverage. Members can use the Internet while exercising and moving around. They can seamlessly transition between workout stations without interruption, as the access points automatically connect to other access points for uninterrupted WiFi.


With the new network in place, the gym’s WiFi experience has been significantly improved. Besides, this comprehensive service ensures gyms have a reliable wireless network without the hassle of managing it themselves. From installation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance, this solution ensured that the gym’s wireless network operated at peak performance at all times. This comprehensive approach relieved the gym staff of the burden of managing the network themselves, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service to their members.

  • Members can now enjoy uninterrupted WiFi connectivity as they move around the facility
  • Reliable network performance and smart network management without the need for frequent manual intervention by gym staff

Products used

NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1200-5HP v2 Web Managed PoE Switch

USG FLEX 100 Firewall

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