What's New: uOS1.20 Patch2 Firmware Update for USG FLEX H Series

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The latest USG FLEX H firewall series is powered by the new uOS, which is designed to minimize system response time and improve overall system efficiency, including the following features:

Feature Enhancements and Consolidated Bug Fixes:

  • Remote Access IPSec VPN Native Clients - Supports native VPN client script downloads for various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.
  • Centralized Client Management - Centralized Client Management enhances device accuracy for a superior management experience. Additionally, endpoint insights provided by SecuReporter analysis further fortify security measures.
  • Bandwidth Management Maximizing Network Efficiency - The USG FLEX H series boasts a Bandwidth Management (BWM) function, crucial for effectively managing bandwidth across a wide range of devices. In environments like enterprises, service providers, and public networks, where multiple users or devices coexist, bandwidth management becomes paramount.
  • Features to Support Monitor Mode for On-Premises Firewalls - Device status monitoring, firmware upgrade management, reverse tunnel management for devices, configuration management

Release Date:
June 12, 2024
Supported Models:
USG FLEX 100H/100HP/200H/200HP/500H/700H

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    USG FLEX 200H

    After upgrade, ge1 interface wouldn't come up. It took 2nd reboot for ge1 to work.