How to forward the BPDU packet on layer 2 switches.

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In some Wi-Fi scenarios, it may be necessary to use the Spanning Tree Protocol to build a mesh system. If you're using layer 3 or layer 3 lite devices (such as XGS4600, XS3800, XGS2220, XS1930), we have bridge control protocol transparency to forward this protocol (as discussed in this thread). However, if you're using a layer 2 switch, it does not have this feature.

If you have two switches, you can consider using layer 2 protocol tunneling. Alternatively, if you have only one switch, you can use ACL to achieve this.

First of all, at ACL> Classifier setup, create the classifer with BPDU MAC address "01:80:c2:00:00:00" to the destination MAC address with mask FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

Step 2.

Create ACL and attached the classifier you have just created.

The egress port is the redirect port of the forwarding destination.

If there is more than one destination port then please create multiple classifier and pocliy rule for them.