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I'm a newbie to GUI :)   I have done enterprise Juniper and Cisco for almost 8 years now and am only familiar with CLI.  I am helping a friend that has a giant warehouse and major issues.  I want to reset everything since his last IT person moved, and I volunteered to help and we can not get in to anything.   Lets start with what he has...
ISP (25x25) copper handoff >wan port - ZyxcelUSG40 (everything internally for the firewall is expired for now, I plan to renew these licenses) port2 > port16- Netgear GS716t > 9 hard wired computers and scanners and 1 ubiquity controller and 4 Ubiquity wired pro AP's.   

Here is what I want to setup:
3 vlans each tied to 3 separate SSID's, using the USG as the DHCP server.

The Web GUI is nice and confusing at the same time!  I am so use to CLI commands and Cisco terminology, and enterprise setups, I guess i am a bit ignorant when it comes to Small business.  I understand Vlans, I can tag and untag ports within the netgear ... I just need one time assistance with setup of the usg40 (I cant experiment and be wrong because his business depends on this) as so i can associate the flow to what i already know.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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