[ATP/FLEX] How to Configure Multiple IP Segments Routing in Non-Nebula VPN scenario?

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To connect remote LANs with non-Nebula IPSEC VPN, you need to set up a VTI interface in "Non-Nebula VPN" setting.

1. Navigate to the Non-Nebula VPN settings and click "IPSec Policy" Setting button.
—> Under VPN tunnel interface, enter a custom IP address for the VPN tunnel.

2. Set up routing policies for your VPN traffic specifying the Intranet IP segments as the source and Peer IP segments as the destination.

Make sure to configure corresponding settings on the peer VPN gateway for traffic routing.

Note: On branch VPN gateway needs to configuring VTI interface and corresponding route rules to routes multiple IP segments in VPN tunnel.

Example on ZyWALL.
1. VTI Interface setting

2. Route rules:

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