Enhancing Wireless Connectivity and User Experiences for Cross-Border Auto Centers

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Feu Vert Iberica S.A.



In today’s era, seamless WiFi service has become crucial for auto centers to meet the needs of both customers and employees. Partnering with Conect Are Us, Feu Vert adopted Zyxel Networks’ Nebula solution, enabling the management of networks across multiple sites via the cloud. This project has benefited a total of 198 auto centers in Spain and Portugal, providing powerful connectivity and an enhanced user experience that aligns with modern demands.


With a significant number of customers and employees accessing the network in its auto centers, Feu Vert encountered the challenge of meeting the high network demand with its existing infrastructure. Additionally, it sought enhancements for the performance of PDAs and scanner readers utilized by its staff, aiming to streamline operations and enhance work efficiency. Hence, it required a new WiFi network that is robust, stable, and agile.


Zyxel Networks’ Nebula solution proves to be the answer to upgrading its WiFi network. Feu Vert is confident that the Nebula cloud networking solution is ideal for managing and providing a quality connection to its large user base.

The project incorporates advanced technology, including 206 smart managed PoE switches and 298 WiFi 6 access points. The technology used in the project includes multi-gigabit ports that eliminate network congestion problems before the implementation of this infrastructure, providing higher levels of speed and accommodating a diverse range of users and devices. With Nebula’s centralized platform, Feu Vert gains year-round access to comprehensive network logs with a complete record of every single day's activity a nd all the benefits required for wireless connectivity in the automotive sector.


A total of 198 centers in Spain and Portugal have benefited from Zyxel Networks’ connectivity power. According to Gonzalo Echeverría, country manager of Zyxel Iberia, “Feu Vert now has optimized WiFi performance to support all network users. Through collaboration with our partner, Conect Are Us, Feu Vert can offer greater security and speed for the use of different connected devices.” Nebula’s centralized platform ensures smooth connections and the speed of response that these businesses need in the daily activities.

  • Centralized, secure customer and employee connections
  • Reduced connectivity complexity for different devices
  • Easier WiFi access for users and employees with their various devices
  • Increased visibility into network logs for real-time insights and potential intrusion detection

Products used

NWA210AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

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