XMG1915-18EP no mgmt ip over LACP

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I have multiple UniFi APs connected to my XMG1915-18EP, only one of them uses 2 x 1Gb links bonded together using LACP. I am experiencing strange behaviour when accessing the switch’s management ip/interface, attempting access to the management ip/interface via the LACP linked AP fails (both https and ping Etc.) but it is fine when accessing it from the other APs that do not use an LACP bonded uplink (the other connected UniFi APs are single links).

Everything else works normally via the LACP linked AP (internet, ping other IPs on the LAN etc.) and it is just the management ip/interface that is unreachable.

All services run on a single VLAN, I have been having STP/RSTP issues with Sonos speakers being connected to the LAN but I think I have stabilised the STP/RSTP after setting the priorities of all switches in my LAN - so I don’t think STP/RSTP is the cause of this weird behaviour.

Are there any known issues with the XMG1915-18EP on the latest firmware where the management ip/interface is unreachable via LACP links?

Cheers in advance!

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    Hi @clarkyjp

    I have tested LACP configuration between two of our switches as follows and could still access the switch management interface without issues:
    Switch A ==(LACP)== Switch B (XMG1915-18EP) — Access from PC

    To better assist you, I would like to gather more details about your current setup. The switch XMG1915-18EP supports both static link aggregation (LAG) and dynamic link aggregation (LACP). Could you confirm which link aggregation mode your UniFi AP supports? Specifically, does it support both LAG and LACP, or only LAG? If your UniFi AP only supports LAG and you have configured LACP on your switch, this could cause the link aggregation to not function correctly.

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