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I have multiple sites where i have a ZyWall 110 with multiple ISP's. Is there a best practice for dual WAN with IPv6.

The connections are not always the same, we got static PA ranges, dynamic PA ranges and sometimes even PPPoE with IPv6.
Only getting the router to behave with multiple at once is a problem.
Sometimes we get both ISP's ranges RA on our internal network, sometimes only 1 and sometimes none.
Tried to make routing policy to make it source based routing but no luck there.

Any idea how to proceed?

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    Do you want to do failover between different ISP provider on IPv6 environment? If yes, I guess the scenario could not be working, since each IPv6 of ISP has their own routing. 
  • both ISP's have there own range, i want to set up that clients use ISP 1, guests use ISP 2 and the mail server accepts mail on both adresses assigned to it.
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    To separate different traffics through different WAN interfaces (WAN1/ISP1&WAN2/ISP2), you can configure policy routing to fulfill it.


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