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I am back for a new question : we had to reconfigure a whole customer network using its own USG60. We had to reconfigure everything because nobody had any password/credential to access all Zyxel equipments.

So we reste all equipments and started from fresh installation. The customer has an USG60 and 5 mangeables access points (which are managed by my USG60) : 

(even if 3 are visible here, the 2 others are down)

I used the wireless wizard to create a private and a guest wifi networks :

But it seems that there is no isolation : when I am connected on my guest wifi  (SSID : "PUBLIC") I can manage to access my local servers and shares (which shouldn"t be the case).

Can someone tell me where I should have a look in order to fix this issue ?
Another question, how many accesspoints can an USG60 manage ?


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    Regarding to this case,
    if you create AP profile from easy mode, the device will manage the AP via Guest interface.
    Go to zone> move Guest to member list and Create the security policy rule to isolate Guest interface communicate with with Lan server.

    The managed AP Number of USG60 is 2/18(default/Maximum)
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    NoCoZFR, I would create a VLAN in firewall, apply to Switches, and Access Points guest profile. This will put it on a different network.  IE default network 192.168.1.X and Vlan network 192.168.10.x use VLAN 10 naming.

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