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Hello All,

I am new to the Zywall universe so I have not set up any port forwarding before on one of their devices.  I need to open 1723 to our server for VPN access.  I know that the USG40 has its own VPN but I am going to be retiring this server and adding a new one in a week. I just found out that there is one person that needs to access the VPN the old way by porting into the server on 1723.

So how do it do this?  It seems very confusing since on an Ubiquiti I just added the port foward in the NAT/Firewall rules.  This seems like I need to add services and then use those services.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,



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    Go Network > NAT > add

    Virtual server

    Incoming Interface wan1

    External IP any or make address rule with Interface IP wan1

    Internal IP the VPN server IP

    port mapping type Service-Group

    External service VPN_PPTP

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    You can also switch to easy mode and use the wizard included.
  • RBattaglia
    All set.  Thanks for your hlep.

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