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I created a virtual interface on Lan1 (lan1: 1) to manage some devices on the network. Now, this interface has priority over client web authentication, the firewall login page is shown on the ip of lan1: 1
I think it's a Metric problem but it's not possible to set up.
How can I set priority to lan1 in the presence of a virtual interface?

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    Virtual interfaces add extra addresses to the USG itself; if you are trying to send traffic to a device other than the USG, you may wish to setup a NAT virtual server instead.
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    this happens: on lan1 I activated Web Authentication and I created a virtual interface with ip; Client from lan1 is now proposed to authenticate on the USG on ip
    How can I bring authentication to
    I thought it's a metric priority ..
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    You need to create the subnet address test(,, and Go to web authentication> Create the rule Source:test, Destination: any, Authentication: unnecessary. This rule need to be first priority.


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