content filtering on USG20W-VPN not working

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I activated content filtering on USG20W-VPN.
However, No sites are being blocked.
Followed the testing and troubleshooting instructions but they are not clear and we need assistance. 

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  • jasailafan
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    1. Make sure the content filter license is still valid, not expired.
    2. Create a profile and enable HTTPS domain filter.

    3. Apply the content filter profile to security policy rules.

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    As I checked it locally, the CF was working fine. Follow the steps as below.
    Go to Content Filter> Enable HTTPS Domain Filter for HTTP traffic> Press apply>Click the profile which you want to configure

    Go to Custom Service>Enable the function which I marked> Type the URL which you want to block on Forbidden Web Sites field>EX: block, I typed *

    Go to Policy Control> Create the profile which is related with CF rule.

    Clean the cache of browser or use incognito window to access, and the website is blocked


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