VLAN From Draytek 2862 to GS1920-48HPv2

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I am attempting to use a Draytek 2862 to send VLAN tags to a new GS1920-48HPV2. I have set per the guide and a number of suggestions from the web. I have set as one VLAN range but cannot get working. In reality I would like to use combined tagging, IE use one cable from router to Switch, with multiple VLAN's but after 8 hours I am not getting anywhere. Can you advise if it is possible to use a Draytek and switch, And if combined Tagging is possible.

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    Hi @Numberite

    Welcome to the Zyxel community!

    For starters, our switch GS1920v2-48HP can support VLAN tagging.
    Let's have an example with Draytek 2862 configured as below 

    Configuration for GS1920v2-48HP:
    You should set whatever port which is connecting to router's P2 to be tagged-out, and fixed in VLAN 10, 11, 12.
    As for the ports that link to clients (such as PC), should be set untagged-out, and also fixed in VLAN 10, 11, 12.

    You can find attached Handbook in chapter 2.1 How to configure the switch to separate traffic between departments using VLAN & 2.2 How to configure the switch to route traffic across VLANs for configuration instruction in detail.

    Hope it helps.