Enhancing Surveillance Management Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction

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TRYP by Wyndham New Taipei Linkou and AYE Hotel



In today’s hospitality industry, introducing modern technology has become essential for hoteliers striving to offer their guests a safe, reliable, and reassuring stay. Central to this effort are intelligent surveillance systems, which have emerged as a crucial component in achieving these goals. Recognized as a leader in the networking equipment industry, Zyxel Networks is dedicated to assisting hoteliers in developing smarter and more secure monitoring systems to elevate the guest experience. Zyxel Networks and WiTak Technology have partnered to help hotels plan and develop robust networks for smart surveillance systems.

With Zyxel Networks’ network switches, Wyndham Hotel Linkou and AYE Hotel have effectively managed access control, enhanced security, safeguarded assets, and delivered exceptional customer service. As a result, guests enjoy high security and comfort, and the hotels benefit from a strengthened brand image and increased competitiveness.


Hoteliers face numerous challenges when establishing intelligent surveillance systems, including technical integration, cost efficiency, network security, and system management. The two hotels faced several challenges in implementing intelligent surveillance systems. They needed a stable and efficient network architecture for extensive data transmission and device connectivity.
Significant bandwidth and high-performance switches were required to handle the data flow, necessitating careful selection and configuration of these switches.
Moreover, the risks of hacking and malicious attacks made enhancing network security measures crucial. Additionally, the system's potential for continuous expansion and upgrades required choosing scalable switches to support future growth.


Zyxel Networks’ GS1920-24HPv2 smart managed PoE switch, supported by the Nebula cloud networking solution, effortlessly transitions to cloud management mode without incurring additional licensing fees, while maintaining investments in wired equipment. This PoE switch ensures stable and continuous operations for surveillance cameras and connected devices, eliminating concerns about high-speed network connections and power supply.

The XGS2220 access switch series further enhances the system by offering diverse options, including fiber connectivity ports to meet high fiber port density requirements and various hotel needs. With smart fans that automatically adjust their speed based on device temperature, these switches ensure quiet operation.


Zyxel Networks’ switches, complemented by the Nebula cloud networking solution, deliver a comprehensive solution that not only enhances system efficiency and security but also provides hoteliers with increased convenience and management flexibility, thereby facilitating the effective implementation of intelligent surveillance systems. With this advanced system in place, the two hotels can confidently operate their surveillance systems smoothly and securely, without fretting over future expansion.

  • Stable and efficient network architecture ensures high-speed, extensive data transmission and device connectivity
  • Enhanced network security protects data and connected devices
  • Good scalability to support future growth and upgrades

Products used

XGS2220-30F L3 Access Switch

GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

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