Why do you enforce us to install a Win32 app instead of using HTML?


I will be attending another webinar next week. Could you please tell me why you use gotowebinar for this and send invitation emails that do not allow the normal user to simply use the completely unrestricted web access by adding the query string ?clientType=html5 to the links you distribute? It is extremely unnecessarily dangerous to install Win32 applications (even from gotowebinar) that have far more access rights than e.g. web pages or Windows Store apps like WhatsApp that run without granting any rights except Internet access?
https:// global.gotowebinar.com/join/44.../46... always immediately downloads an .EXE file and does not allow you to choose the type of participation by simply using your web browser. The web application also allows audio, video and even screen/window sharing (see Teams, Zoom,...). There is no need to open a security hole just for a webinar! Please, get rid of spreading EXE files! Thank you very much.

Kind regards
Oliver Lohkamp, Zyxel Partner in Germany

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