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Hi All,

After following this manual:!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=015556&lang=EN, with the exception that Mail Subject Keyword was replace by *test* and CONFIGURATION > Security Policy > Policy Control the From (LAN) was replaced by WAN.

I did a test. Just sending a mail (not gmail) to myself with subject 'test' ('' was not included in subject), the mail came through. Any idea's why, shouldn't the Spam filter block it?

Is it possible to completely reject an e-mail message?

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  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Anti-Spam can scan SMTP and POP3 which traffic is not encrypted.
    Since TLS is encrypted data, it won’t be scanned.
    If mails are SMTP and POP3, make sure Virus Outbreak Detection is enabled in Mail Scan.
    To check if it is in the signature database, go to CONFIGURATION > UTM Profile > Anti-Virus > Signature, enter the virus name and click “Search”.
  • jonatan
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    Will there be support for POP3s and SMTPs protocols for the AntiSpam module ?

  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    This request I already moved to idea section, and once this request get lots of Likes, we will give it to our product developers to have them evaluated and tell you the feedback!


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