[Trade-up Program] 📣 FREE USG FLEX Firewall with a 2-Year Gold Security Pack

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We have a solution to protect your business with this exclusive offer now!

Elevate and protect your business today. Purchase a 2-year Gold Security Pack and trade in a legacy* Zyxel security firewall*1 (USG and VPN) to get a new USG FLEX firewall for FREE! Ensure your business remains protected with this exclusive offer. Act now and take advantage of this limited-time offer until September 30, 2024.

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*: Legacy Zyxel security firewalls with expiring UTM licenses without renewal support. If you have an active license on one of the eligible Zyxel security firewalls and have selected the equivalent model, you can seamlessly transfer your active license to your new device. 

*1: Zyxel Marketplace will verify whether you own the legacy security devices to ensure a smoother transition when you make a trade-up purchase.

*2: Available in EU, UK, US.

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Why USG FLEX series firewalls? 
We are proud to announce the completely new USG FLEX series firewalls, tailor-made for SMB customers seeking worry-free security protection. Packed with top-notch threat intelligence, high-performance UTM throughput, and flexible licensing options, the USG FLEX offers a competitive package that meets various needs: security protection, building encrypted tunnels between offices, and managing a hospitality network with wireless access points.

How to select the right Trade-up devices? 
Looking to upgrade your devices but unsure where to start? Here are some references to guide you. You can also log in to the Zyxel Marketplace, where we will verify if you own the legacy security devices to ensure a smooth transition when you make a trade-up purchase.

How to purchase licenses through the Trade-up Program on Zyxel Marketplace? 
You can purchase from our local resellers or go directly to the Zyxel Marketplace after July 1, 2024. Follow the steps below to trade up now!

Step 1: [Device License] Choose the device model eligible for the Trade-up program and proceed to License Selection by clicking 'Go to License Selection'.

Step 2: [License Selection] Click 'Click to select available product' or the 'Edit' icon to select a license.

Step 3 & 4: [Device-License Selection] Select the Trade-Up program license in the 'Pack' category, then click 'Confirm.'

For the USG40(W)/VPN50 model, customers can trade up to either the USG FLEX 100 or the USG FLEX 100AX.

Step 5: [License Selection] Selecting 'Confirm' on the previous screen will take you back to the License Selection screen and show the selected license. Click 'Add to Cart' to add the license to the shopping cart.

Step 6 & 7: Please don't forget to click 'Agree to the Terms' before proceeding to 'Checkout.'

Step 8: [Payment Window] Fill in the following fields, then press 'Pay'.

Step 9: [Email Notification] After completing the payment, the license key will be automatically imported to your Zyxel account. You will also receive an email notification containing the device purchase link, its redeem code, and the license key as a reference.

Step 10: [Trade Up New USG FLEX] Follow the notification link to access the Zyxel Store purchase page. Add the device to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code from your Email notification.

Congratulations on Successfully Completing Your Trade-Up Purchase!

Thank you for completing your Trade-Up purchase through the Zyxel Marketplace. Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.