Scan to email on Ricoh printers not working.

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This is my first USG device and I think I have allowed Gmail's services through security policy but my printers cannot send any messages when scanning is performed on any of my devices. The scan to email settings remains the same on all my devices since the router was replaced. Is there anything I may have missed? Any solutions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi @KenOkorocha2019

    Please verify that your printers (or your internal smtp relay) are allowed to access gmail smtp servers mail exchanger = 5 ( mail exchanger = 30  ( mail exchanger = 20 ( mail exchanger = 40 ( mail exchanger = 10 (

    port 25 TCP.

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  • KenOkorocha2019
    It ended up being the gateway settings for the printers. Thanks for the response.

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